The Man

Big BoyTonight we went to Frisch’s Big Boy for dinner.  On the way in, Emma asked if she could touch the Big Boy statue that is outside the restaurant.  Don’t ask me why…3 year olds baffle me.  Ash was by herself with both kids, so she told her that if she was good in the restaurant, she could touch the statue on the way out.

The whole meal was quite an ordeal with Emma continuously acting up and us threatening to not let her touch the statue.  Finally, I said, “Okay, you can’t touch the statue because you’re being naughty.”  You would have thought I told her she was to be confined to her room for the rest of her life.  She started wailing uncontrollably in the middle of the restaurant…but that’s not the worst part.

On the way out, I’m dragging my usually adorable girl through the restaurant, while she’s mustering up all of her drama and SCREAMING, “I’ll never get to touch the man!” 


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  1. Welcome, Matt (And Ashley, Emma & Ethan.) to the blogosphere! Thanks for linking to our little site. It will be great to compare “Emma stories!” I bet you will be better about posting – it is so much easier to manage and even just put a few words up – plus once you get a “following” you’ll feel like you need to post because you know someone is waiting!
    Take care and have a very Happy New Year.
    carrie (jamie, emma grace & addie)

  2. It’s good Emma has learned this lesson early…now she won’t be set up for a lifetime of heartache…none of us ever get to touch the man. 🙂

  3. Speak for yourself, Missie! I, for one, have touched the man,and…..well, anything else would sound perverse so I’ll quit while I’m still family friendly. 🙂 I’m just so glad to see a picture of the kids since I haven’t seen them in months!!!

  4. Ah, yes, how little ones do put their parents in awkward positions…rest assured you did it to your parents a time or two as well. I’m proud of you for following through despite the dramatic protests…it will pay off in the end!! Looking forward to new postings!

    Lots of Love, Aunt Lori

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