The Bats

The Bats - Wild Women and SongAshley and another teacher at HCHS recently wrote glowing college recommendations for an extraordinary student of theirs, and the student and her parents thanked them with dinner and a Bats concert for them and their spouses.

First of all, I have to tell you that anyone in the Lexington area who might be reading this and hasn’t yet seen The Bats, you simply MUST.  It was the most entertaining evening I have experienced in a long time.  They are a hilarious, self-proclaimed “rock ‘n roll cabaret act” of “wild women and song.”  The singers are women, but the drummer is actually the father of the sIsabelle & Emmatudent for whom Ashley wrote the recommendation.  When they opened with a song entitled Viagra in the Water, we knew we were in for quite a show.  It’s not a show for the conservatives, so be forewarned!

While we were at the show, the student and a friend babysat for Emma and the Logsdons’ two beautiful daughters (Ethan was sick, so Ashley’s parents graciously accepted responsibility for him).  This picture was taken of the girls when they got into Isabelle’s dress-up clothes.  I just had to share it.


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