The Scottish Curse

Those of us involved in theatre who are the least bit superstitious know all about the Scottish Curse.

Well, Ash’s school is producing Our Town this week, and the curse has really wreaked havoc.  She has several students who are not superstitious and who think the whole idea of the curse is absolutely ridiculous.  Or at least they used to feel that way.  They’ve been saying the play’s name relentlessly and without concern for several days.

Now, how many things do you think have gone wrong?

  1. One of the lead roles had to be replaced late last week, and the new actor had to learn the part from scratch.
  2. The light board blew early this week and they had to rent one.
  3. The costume shop that they usually work with went out of business.
  4. The new costume shop required that all costumes be altered to specifically fit each actor…less than a week before the show opened.
  5. Stage lights started randomly going out.
  6. Ashley’s mobile phone got caught in her hair when she was talking to someone in the theatre, and when she went to hang it up the flip broke in half and shattered on the floor (luckily we had new phones already on order).
  7. Both of Ashley’s parents got violently ill this week, so we have both had to take time off work and Ashley has had to take an 11-month-old and a 3-year-old to dress rehearsals in the afternoons/evenings before I could get to Lexington and pick them up.

That’s it…so far.  So don’t say that word in a theatre, okay?  You’ve been warned.


Posted on February 22, 2007, in Performing Arts. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Yikes! Dare I say “Break a leg!”?

  2. just getting all the kinks out BEFORE the show – i bet it all goes perfectly once the, er…lights come up?

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