What do I do NOW?

In the summer of 2005, we moved to a suburb of Lexington. We were out driving one day and found a neighborhood that was just what we were looking for, and we didn’t even know what we were looking for. It has the beauty and serenity of the country that I had been touting for most of the time Ash and I have been married, and it has the subdivision feeling that Ashley was desperately trying to keep in her grip as we searched for the perfect place to raise our growing family.

It was perfect. That is, except for one thing…location. I’m now on the road for a total of three hours per day, since I work 45 minutes southwest of Lexington. Ash is on the road (mostly in Lexington traffic) for a total of 90 minutes. When we’re home, we love where we live.

Until we added these commutes to our already busy lives, I always felt that paying someone to do your household chores was a luxury afforded only to those with money to throw away. Our house was dirty because we were lazy and sat on the sofa eating popcorn and watching American Idol instead of actually getting up and picking up after ourselves. Someday we’ll have jobs closer to home, kids old enough to contribute to Saturday morning chores, and lives that generally lend themselves to a more organized, peaceful, and CLEAN existence.

Today, I gave up.

I leave the house every day by 6:30 am. This is about 30 minutes later than I always intend to leave, but life happens. I arrive home no earlier than 6:00 pm. Ash usually arrives with the kids 5-10 minutes before or after me. We immediately start dinner preparations, which usually involve 30 minutes of Ethan screaming for someone’s attention, while Emma works to find some markers with which to draw all over herself. Dinner wraps up between 7:00 and 7:30, when one of us might clean up the table and load the dishwasher (maybe not) or put in a load of laundry and fold what’s in the dryer (maybe not) while the other entertains the kids or starts bath time. Bedtime routines start at 8:00 pm and we try to all be in bed (Mom & Dad included) by 9:30 pm.

Weekends are for shopping, cleaning out the cars, taking out the garbage, special projects around the house, laundry, dishes, play dates, meeting up with friends/family, etc.

There is no time allotted for dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

So…today, I gave up.

A neighbor recommended a person who cleans their house. She’s coming Saturday morning to give us an estimate.

Now, how are we going to get the house cleaned by Saturday morning so she doesn’t know…how…we…really…live?


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  1. Even Mommy’s (and Daddy’s) who stay at home, or work from home need a housekeeper. There isn’t enough hours in the day to have a clean house unless you give up something else. And who wants to give up what precious little time we already have with the kids to…clean? Just think of it as helping out the economy. Housekeepers need to work, too! I’m seriously thinking of getting one (again!) when we move to a big house…I can’t keep the little 2 bedroom apt. we have now clean!

    But I will tell you when we did have one – it really forced us to pick up our “junk” before she got there. J. used to laugh at me “cleaning” before the cleaning lady came.

    I say, hallelujah and praise cleaning ladies!
    (And now I’ll get off my “soap”box – 🙂 pun intended!

  2. Hey Matt! It’s Vicky, I hope you don’t mind me popping in.

    Do whatever you can to spend as much time as you can with those little ones. Next thing you know you will be walking your daughter down the aisle and wonder how the heck she got that old and why didn’t you spend more time in the yard playing instead of inside washing dishes. If the cleaning lady isn’t too expensive I say “go for it” (then send her to my house when you are done)

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