You saw a WHAT?!?

It has been almost 2 years since we moved to our neighborhood.  We chose it because it has the convenience of a subdivision (which Ashley wanted), and the feel of the country (which I wanted).  It’s a beautiful place to live.  Our house is set into the side of a steep hill with large, mature trees everywhere.  Our backyard is basically in the woods.  Across the street from us is a wooded area, and beyond that you can see the lake during the winter after the trees have lost their leaves.  You get the picture.

CougarThis morning I got an email from our neighborhood association, saying that there have been 7 sightings of a cougar and her kitten in our neighborhood reported to the state wildlife commission.  I looked a cougar up to be sure what it looked like, and found that it is the second largest cat in the Americas (behind the jaguar). I also found that “[c]apable as both a stalk-and-ambush and chase predator, the cougar pursues a wide-range of prey. Its primary food is deer but it also hunts insects, mice and rabbits, domestic cats and dogs, alpaca, livestock, and also other large game such bighorn sheep and elk. In the Rocky Mountains it sometimes preys on mature cattle and horses. It is a secretive cat and usually avoids people; it has been known to attack humans, but rarely.”

Our deer population is estimated to be in the 700-900 range, so I guess it’s not that surprising to find that we have one of their major predators living in our neighborhood.  I mean, it’s like a buffet, right?


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  1. If it makes you feel better, we have bear in my neighborhood.

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