We’re back!

We returned last night from our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to Michigan.  Aside from Ethan having screaming fits after 5 hours in the car, it went pretty well.

Friday afternoon, Ash found a gas station that was selling 87 octane for $2.969!  The average gas price in the area was around $3.19, so that was pretty good.  When we got to Michigan, it was up over $3.50.

Ash had packed for all of us early in the week, so it was just a matter of getting everything in the car Friday after work and heading north.  We live about 3 miles from I-75, so we were quickly on our way.  We arrived at my parents’ house around midnight and went to bed around 1:00am.  The kids got us up early on Saturday, and we spent the day just hanging out with the folks and my brother (Ben), his wife (Paulie), and their son (Mason).  We also visited the house they are renovating in Leslie.  It’s going to be really nice.  I can’t wait to see it completed…neither can they.

Sunday, we did some more visiting at the parents’ house and all went to Sam’s Club together in the afternoon.  I know it’s a strange family outing, but we had fun.  Then Grandma Lois and Grandpa Walt came over and Dad grilled burgers.

Monday we attended our traditional Memorial Day festivities.  We watch the parade and attend the ceremony in Stockbridge.  I have one grandfather who is in the parade as a member of the American Legion, and my other grandfather’s name is read as a deceased veteran who is buried in the Stockbridge cemetery.  We always attend the ceremony and then visit Papa’s grave.  Then we have a picnic somewhere (either my parents’ house or my grandparents’ house).  This year the picnic was at Grandma Lois and Granpda Walt’s house, so we got to see my Aunt Kay and Uncle Rod and their families.  It was a good day.

This was the first year that Emma could attend the ceremony at the cemetery without someone taking her for a walk because she wasn’t being quiet.  She stood there quietly while they read the names of the deceased veterans and with her hand over her heart as the national anthem was sung.  I had to speak to her a few times, but for the most part, I was very proud of her.  Ethan was another story…  By the time the parade was over, he was done.  Ash had to walk him as far from the ceremony as she could to make sure he wasn’t disruptive.  He was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs.  Ash had a pretty stressful day.

After the picnic, we headed back to Kentucky.  We arrived around 8:00pm last night, and were very relieved to be back home sleeping in our own beds…and back where gas is in the $2.97-$3.20 range.  It was nice to watch the fuel prices go down as we headed South.

Of course, starting our morning routine today was not at all a relief…


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  1. Pictures????

    It was beautiful in my neck of the woods but I hear it was maybe raining in the Leslie area. Did the weather cooperate?

  2. Oh, I forgot, gas just DROPPED to $3.51 here today.

  3. My dad took lots of pictures and he’s supposed to be emailing them to me… I’ll put a few out there when he sends them.

    Saturday and Sunday were rainy, but it was very nice on Monday…which was the important day.

    I paid $2.999 for gas yesterday on my way home.

  4. We now have gas at 283.9, come on down……..GG Jan

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