Are those REAL?

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter.

I know it seems like I only post stories about the funny things Emma says.  And, soon I will be adding the funny things Ethan says to the mix.  But they make me laugh, and there’s little else of interest in my life to post about.  So here goes…

After church on Sunday, the youth group was holding a “Spaghetti Dinner” to raise money for their upcoming mission trip.  I sat down at the table to keep the kids company while Ash went through the line and got us a couple of plates of spaghetti.

Suddenly, Emma says (very loudly), “Daddy, which one’s real?”

Me:  “What do you mean, honey?”

Em:  “Those girls.” [She pointed to two sisters (maybe 8 & 10 years old?) sitting behind us at a table with their family.  They were dressed in the same green dresses with the same pink bows holding their hair at the top of their heads.]  “They look the same.  Which one’s real?”

Me:  [very quietly; stifling laughter]  “They’re both real, honey.  Now eat your spaghetti.”

Em:  [louder and agitated]  “But Daddy, which one’s REAL?”

Me:  “They’re wearing the same outfit, but they’re both real.  Turn around and eat.”

Em:  “But DADDY…”

Me:  [still holding back laughter]  “That’s enough.  Turn around, sit down, and eat your spaghetti, right now.”

At that moment, another family joined us at our table, and Emma became more interested in them than the robot girls.

Where do they come up with this stuff?


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  1. You can tell she’s having a blast!

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