Charleston, SC

Today we headed south of Myrtle Beach to picturesque Charleston, SC — Birthplace of Ashley.  We went straight to Market St. to visit the Trademark Properties retail center.  Ashley and I are huge fans of the show, mostly because it’s a great show, but also because it takes place in and around Charleston.  This retail center was a recent remodel of theirs and is also their public office.

Trademark Properties

We then headed to John’s Island, SC where Ashley’s Uncle Arthur and Aunt Anna live. We met up with Uncle Arthur, Aunt Anna…and their kids: Angie and Sean, Angie’s husband Stuart…and their kids: Allison, Madison, and Joshua; Aunt Paula…and her daughter Shannon, Shannon’s husband John…and their kids: Samantha and McKenzie.

Ducker Family

What a great day! A big thanks to Aunt Anna and Uncle Arthur for inviting us to their beautiful home, and for the GREAT Bessinger’s Bar-B-Que… A trip to South Carolina wouldn’t be complete without it!


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  1. Glad you got to see ‘Trademark’ … as you know, it’s one of our favorites, too. Sounds like you had a great time with the SC family. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of everyone … look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. jameswillisisthebest

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

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