My Eleven Jobs

My friend, Vic, tagged me to tell you all what exciting things I’ve done in my life that, in return, I was paid for.

  1. Lawn Care Technician – Leslie, Michigan:  Heh, heh…Sounds kind of impressive, huh?  I worked for my dad, mowing my neighbor’s 10-acre lawn.  It was a great junior high gig.  This is the job that bought me my first (and only…yes, I still have it) adult bicycle.
  2. Page – Ingham County Library – Leslie, Michigan:  This was my high school job.  The local library always had one high school student, and I was it for all four of my high school years.  I checked books, videos, and other media in and out, put items back on the shelf, helped with the children’s “Summer Reading Program,” etc.  It was a great high school gig that paid fairly well, had great hours, and was in an air-conditioned building.  This is the job that bought me my first car.
  3. Lab Instructor – Industrial Robotics, Industrial Engineering & Technology Dept., Central Michigan University – Mt. Pleasant, Michigan:  The Industrial Robotics class at CMU had an accompanying lab where students wrote small programs to control miniature industrial robots.  I ran the lab and helped students with questions and problems.  I also graded their lab sheets, and actually caught someone cheating once (they were copying someone else’s work, not coming to the labs, and turning their sheets in with a forged version of my signature)!
  4. Cashier / Night Manager / Slave – Hanson’s Amoco & Party Store – Barryton, Michigan:  This was a great job to help pay the college expenses.  I was dating the owner’s daughter at the time, so I had connections to get the job.  Most of the time I ran one of the two cash registers.  Some of the time, I made and served pizza or subs, stocked shelves, filled propane tanks, etc.  For a short time, I was also the night manager.
  5. Vision Software Engineer – LRP Technology – Leslie, Michigan:  This was my first career job.  I worked here during summers and holiday breaks in college.  I wrote programs for our primary customer (General Electric) that inspected light bulb parts during and after the manufacturing process.  To my knowledge several of the systems I worked on are still in use in GE Lighting plants across the eastern U.S.
  6. Programmer/Analyst – F.X. Coughlin Company – Taylor, Michigan:  My first job out of college.  Coughlin was a transportation company that mostly served the automotive industry, and I was a member of their Application Development team.  I was only there 6 months before I got the offer from GE, but it was an amazing experience.
  7. Systems Engineer – General Electric Company – Lexington, Kentucky:  My big move away from home, and the job I was doing when I met my beautiful wife.  I was the only systems person for 3 plants in Kentucky (2 in Lexington and 1 in Somerset).  The thing I miss most about this job was my big office with 2 windows!  I met an amazing friend there who I still keep in touch with.  Hi, Linda!
  8. Project Leader – General Electric Company – Lexington, Kentucky:  Same place, same office…just application development in addition to support.
  9. Team Leader – General Electric Company – Lexington, Kentucky:  Same place, same office…but I had 7 plants in Kentucky, Ohio, and Canada, with 5 Systems Engineers working for me who were based in those plants.
  10. Senior Software Engineer – American Greetings Corporation – Danville, Kentucky:  I was hired as the programmer for their greeting card sorting machines.  Since then, we have added two others for a team of three programmers.  We support all aspects of the software that controls the large machines that sort non-seasonal greeting cards (birthday, anniversary, sympathy, thank you, etc.).  Shortly after I was hired, we launched a project to rewrite the software, and we are currently at the beginning of another rewrite to take advantage of the advances in technology.
  11. Asst. Order Filling Manager – American Greetings Corporation – Danville, Kentucky:  A management position over the Order Filling, Packaging, Returned Goods, Computer Operations, and Order Processing departments, with 8 supervisors reporting to me and over 200 hourly employees reporting to them.  This was a 13-month assignment to prepare me for operations management at American Greetings.  It was, by far, the best job I’ve ever had, and I’m ready to go back whenever I get the opportunity.

Now, I’m supposed to tag some people…and I don’t follow a lot of blogs, so:

Carrie, you’re it!


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  1. Wow Matt!! Had no idea you have had so many jobs!! I’m very impressed. You should be impressed, Im actually leaving a response!! Love you, can’t wait to see you this weekend.

  2. Matt, I loved reading that. I can remember every one of those jobs but couldn’t have told what they were. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished, both career wide and family wise. ( just bet Emma will have God’s ear tonight) Love you, Grandma Jan

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