Please Sir, May I have some more?

Our church has small groups called Gap Groups that meet twice a month to discuss a Christian book.  We have been attending church through two Gap Group sessions and have never joined a group.  We’ve always wanted to, but haven’t made it happen.

So yesterday on the way home from church, we were talking about the groups and decided that when we got home we were going to join one.  We joined a couples group whose first meeting happened to be last night.  So we joined at 2:00pm and were to meet at their house at 5:00pm with 8 other couples, and childcare was to be provided.  Ashley called to see if we should bring anything (since we didn’t know what the protocol was), but she was just able to leave a message.  So we left the house at 4:30pm, not knowing whether they were expecting us, but figuring we’d be welcome…I mean, it’s a church group after all, right?

Well, we were ABSOLUTELY welcome, and it was a lot of fun.  But we were quite embarrassed that the group leader had called all the couples who joined at the proper time and asked them to bring a dish to pass.  So there we were, with our two kids and nothing to offer for the potluck.  We apologized profusely and filled a plate.  Emma and Ethan went with the other kids and the teenage sitter into a bedroom to eat and play, and we sat out in the living room and ate.

After we finished eating, we were going to play a game as an ice-breaker.  The bedroom door opened, and Emma walked through the entire crowd of people across the living room to where Ashley and I were sitting.  The room became quiet as she softly, timidly said, “Daddy?”

“What honey?” I asked.

In almost a whisper, “Thank you for the food.”

The kid thanks the only people in the room who didn’t bring any food.  So, these people we didn’t even know before last night now think that we not only came to the potluck without a dish, but we don’t feed our children.

We.  Were.  Mortified.


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  1. I’m sorry, but that’s funny. I’m sure the church group thought it was also.

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