Shoulda Been a Pukin’ Pumpkin

Well, folks.  We were supposed to have some pictures of all of our wonderful weekend adventures to post on Monday.  Instead, I feel compelled to make reference to a friend-of-a-friend’s recent post:

Pukin’ Pumpkin

And here’s why:

Saturday night at about 7:30pm, we were having cake and ice cream for Emma’s birthday, when…Ethan threw up all over the place.  He continued this until 1:30am Sunday morning.  Sunday during the day he seemed better, got a few bits of liquid in him, but then started getting sick again.  At 2:00am Monday morning, Ash started.  At 5:00am Monday morning, I started.  ON MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!  My parents decided to leave at that point because they wanted to be home before it hit them.

At 6:30am Monday morning, my father-in-law, a plant manager who had visitors at work from China and head honchos from Toyota, came and got the kids because neither Ash nor I could stand up.  My mother-in-law watched them until Monday evening when she called to say she thought Ethan was dehydrated.  After consulting with one of the nurses on staff at our pediatrician’s office, Ash dragged herself out of bed and went with her dad to the ER in Lexington.  They confirmed that he did, in fact, have dehydration.  They put him on an IV for 2 hours and discovered that he wasn’t getting any better.  They admitted him at 11:45pm Monday night.  I was still at home in bed because I was about 3-4 hours behind Ash in the illness.  Meanwhile, my mom, now back in Michigan started the battle.

Tuesday morning, I got up and got showered and dressed, still not feeling “well,” but hoping to help Ash or her mom with one of the kids.  I called my mother-in-law and she said they were fine and to go to the hospital because Ash had had a rough night and she was just a few hours ahead of me so she wasn’t feeling the greatest either.

I was in line for the valet parking at the hospital (what a wonderful feature), when my cell phone rang.  It was my mother-in-law.  “Emma just threw up.”  It was 10:00am.  I stayed at the hospital with Ash for a while because my mother-in-law said she had it covered.  Ethan was doing much better, so we were all just trying to stay awake and think positively.  My mother-in-law called about 5:00pm to say she thought Emma was dehydrated.  We talked to the nurse and she said our pediatrician was on his way to the hospital, so they should bring her to Ethan’s room so she could be seen.

We were sure Ethan was going to go home and Emma was just going to take his bed.  We were wrong.  Emma wasn’t dehydrated after all, and Ethan was not better enough yet to go home.  So, I stayed in the hospital last night with Ethan while Ash went to her mother’s with Emma.

This morning at 9:30am, the doctor said Ethan could be discharged.  When I called Ash to tell her that, she said her Mom was feeling sick, and her dad was giving a presentation at work taking regular breaks to run to the restroom…if you know what I mean.  So Ethan and I got home around 11:00am.  We had a VERY mild and light lunch, and took a nap.

At 5:00pm, I called my in-laws’ house to check on Emma.  She was feeling much better, but Ash’s mom wasn’t doing well at all, so I was off to get the other half of my family and reunite us once again.

So, I guess the scary jack-o-lantern my dad and Emma carved Sunday morning “shoulda been a pukin’ pumpkin!”

Here’s hoping my dad remains the sole survivor of this whole thing.  He is the only person who spent much time with the kids (and us) who hasn’t gotten it.  Yet.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of my readers who were infected by the birthday weekend flu.  We love you all, and we’re SO SORRY we did this to you!


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  1. oh, my. i’m so sorry – that sounds miserable! i’m glad oyu are all on the mend…hopefully it stays gone for the winter!

  2. Grandma Jan (GG)

    I’m so sorry you have all been so sick……but hopefully it is behind you………my love to you all, Grandma/GG

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