Happy Thanksgiving!

My parents came down last weekend for a visit and took Emma and Ethan back to Michigan with them.  We’re leaving after work today, so we’ll be in Leslie in time for the Thanksgiving Day festivities tomorrow.

In the meantime, Ashley and I have had a great time.  Monday night we went to Lexington’s Movie Tavern and had great food and saw American Gangster.  It was great…but we haven’t seen a movie in a theater in a very long time, so I think we were probably easily impressed.

Then Tuesday night we went to “The Pub” in Lexington with Ashley’s brother Scott and his wife Crystal.  We had a nice dinner (best fish ‘n chips in town).  After dinner, Ash and I went to the new Cinemark theater at the Plaza at Fayette Mall and saw Beowulf in digital 3D.  It was incredible.  I’m not sure how incredible it would have been if we hadn’t seen it in 3D.  I definitely recommend seeing it that way.  It’s also available in IMAX 3D.  I read a review where they thought that would just be too much, and I think they might be right.

We’re looking forward to arriving in Michigan late tonight and to a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with my parents, Ben, Paulie, and Mason.

Whatever you do tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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