Kids Say the Darndest Things ~ Friday Edition

My friend Carrie over at Barely Controlled Chaos, is joining in on this Friday theme…and since the bulk of my posts have to do with funny things my kids say, I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun myself.

I usually post about the funny things Emma says, but Ethan is starting to talk quite a bit now, and is SO funny.

He walked into the kitchen Saturday, grabbed onto the refridgerator and freezer door handles, leaned back, and said (in desperation), “CHEEEEEEESE!”  So Ash got him a cheese stick.  About 20 minutes later, he returned to the kitchen, grabbed the door handles, leaned back, and said (same desperation), “FOOOOOD!”  When Ash, again, got him some cheese, he said, “No cheese!  FOOOOOD!”

He is the happiest kid when it comes to going to bed.  By the end of the day, he’s had it, and cheerfully complies to the bedtime routine.  Lately, I’ve been asking him, “Are you ready to go nite-nite?”  His response:  “I fant.  I nee nite-nite.”  (I want.  I need nite-nite.)

F is is favorite consonant.  “Want” becomes “fant,” etc.  This is also true of the word “look.”  After the bulk of the festivities at his birthday party, we broke out the Wii, and a large group of us were playing tennis.  The rest of the group was gathered around the great room watching.  Imagine our guests’ surprise when Ethan walked into the center of the great room (between the crowd and the television), pointed at the television, and said “F – – K!”


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  1. Always love your stories…love to all!

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