A New “Season” for Snoopy

During the summer of 2001, I had the pleasure of playing opposite my beautiful wife in Studio Players of Lexington’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. I played “Schroeder” (blonde hair and all) to her “Lucy,” and we had a great time.  I’ll have to find a picture and post it…I think it was before we had a digital camera, so I’ll have to dig up a scanner!

I recently found out that Ryan Quinn West, who was in that show with us and played “Snoopy,” is currently in the Chicago cast of Jersey Boys. He has played several roles in the show, including “Bob Gaudio,” who is one of the original Four Seasons and the writer of many of their songs.

We saw the touring company of Jersey Boys in Cincinnati on Saturday (the last of our Broadway Series tickets for this year). It was fantastic!

It’s always fun to know someone who is pursuing their dream and making it. I’ve been in shows with several people who came back to Lexington after successful (or not so successful) attempts at careers in theater and film. Jim Varney (“Ernest” movies; “Know Whatta Mean, Vern?”; Voice of Slinky Dog in Toy Story movies) even came and watched part of one of our Forever Plaid rehearsals toward the end of his life.

I’m excited for Ryan (and, admittedly, a little jealous). Seeing him doing so well makes me feel old. He was such a kid when we worked together!


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  1. Man, now the songs from CB are stuck in my head. We did that here about 5 years ago, I designed the poster and ran light board for the show. It’s a great musical. Congrats to your friend, I hope he breaks man legs.

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