Kids Say the Darndest Things ~ Friday

While sitting at the dinner table, Emma quite often plays the “raise your hand if…” game.  For example, “raise your hand if you like broccoli.”  And “raise your hand if you’re excited about going to the zoo tomorrow.”

One evening this week, she was being particularly uncooperative while we were eating.  After several minutes, she said:

“Raise your hand if you love to fuss at me.”

No one raised his or her hand, by the way.

Another evening this week:

Em: “Ethan has RUINED my life!”

Join the “Kids Say the Darndest Things” fun over at Momology.


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  1. Ah…raise your hand if she is so darn cute! (RAISED high over here!!)

    You just showed up in my Bloglines again…so I’m off to read what I have missed!!

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