I took the day off Friday to go to the Cincinnati Zoo with Emma and Ethan’s playgroup.  All the other dads are teachers, so all the kids had both parents at the zoo with them.

Australian Walking Stick

Australian Walking Stick

The highlight of the trip was, surprisingly, the insect house.  There was a zookeeper inside, who had an Australian walking stick on a piece of driftwood.  She was letting the kids “pet” it.  Emma wanted nothing to do with it.  In fact, she was quickly over the bugs and wanted to go outside.  She and I went, but Ethan loves bugs, so Ash stayed inside with him.

When he got to the Australian walking stick, the zookeeper said, “Would you like to touch it?”

Ethan said, “BUG!” and grabbed it, turned around, and started to walk away.

The zookeeper panicked.  “No, no, honey…you’re scaring it!”

Between the zookeeper and Ash, they got it away from him unharmed and back on the driftwood.  I guess he’s a little young to pet fragile animals.


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