Last Hurrah

This weekend was our last school-free weekend.  Ash has several days this week that she has to be at school, and both of the kids start next week.

Saturday morning we went to Lexington for my 7:30am haircut, and then Ash went to the Lil’ Lamb’s Closet consignment sale while the kids and I watched movies in the car.  Then we went home and cleaned the house until 3:30 when we left for a giant birthday party for our worship leader’s 4 kids.  They had great food and fun stuff for the kids to do.  Then Saturday night we got a sitter and went to Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington and saw Larry Miller (Pretty Woman, Desperate Housewives, etc., etc., etc.).  He was really good.  We had a great time.  Then we went to Saul Good for dessert afterwards.  We didn’t get home until midnight…which is crazy for us.

Sunday we went to church, then QDoba for lunch, then Meijer to grocery shop.  I put the kids down for their naps and Ash went to Worship Team rehearsal while I cleaned the master bathroom and did laundry.  I scrubbed the shower and sinks until they were spotless.  Then I cleaned the master bedroom after she got home while she made dinner (her famous BBQ chicken over rice…the first meal she ever made for me when we were dating…with corn on the cob…yum!).

Now we’re back to reality.


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  1. What a fantastic last hurrah! School starts really early for you, we don’t go back until after Labor day.

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