First Day of School

Well, Emma started kindergarten (and Ethan started preschool) on August 18th…and it’s been chaotic around here ever since.  Thus, this is the first chance I’ve gotten to post about it.

Both kids have started at the local Christian school, and in Kindergarten, they have to start wearing uniforms.  Emma has done very well.  She goes five days a week, all day long.  She has 13 other kids in her class, and has “stayed in the green” (they use a traffic light for discipline and put a clothes pin with their name on the appropriate color for their behavior) for most of that time.

Ethan is in the two-year-old class, and goes twice a week for 1/2 days.  He has 3 other boys and 2 girls in his class.  We were happy about that, because he doesn’t have much interaction with other boys, since he is the only boy in his playgroup and his cousin Mason lives so far away.  He is doing a great job, and it’s obvious he loves being there.  When I went to pick him up on the first day, he was standing in line at the drinking fountain like a good boy.

When I took both kids in for the first day, we got through the double doors at the front of the school, and Emma headed for her classroom:

Emma:  Bye, Ethan!

Daddy:  Well, I don’t think it’s time to go to your classroom yet, we’ll have to wait here.

After a few minutes, they said we could go ahead and go to the classroom:

Emma:  Bye, Ethan!

Daddy:  We’ll walk you to your class, honey.  Then I’ll take Ethan to his class.

As soon as we arrived at the door of her class, she stopped:

Emma:  Bye, Ethan!

Daddy:  (laughing) Honey, we’ll get you settled.  We want to see your classroom!

Emma:  Oh.  Okay.

She took her backpack to her cubby, and turned back…”Bye, Ethan.”

She was ready to start her day, so Ethan and I headed to his class, where he didn’t say “bye” to anyone.  He ran in and started playing.  The teacher asked me his name, put his name tag on, and I was off. 

It was much more uneventful than I was expecting.


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  1. Doesn’t sound like the kids were remotely afraid to leave you behind. That’s good, right?

  2. Ack! She looks so tiny in that top photo!! I love that she was so…ahem, eager to ditch Ethan!

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