Ike Arrives in Kentucky

Well, it obviously wasn’t a hurricane anymore by the time it reached us, but we did get a heck of a windstorm on Sunday.  We were actually hoping for Ike to bring some rain into the area, but we got the wind without the rain.

We lost two trees.  We have plenty, and they fell away from the house, so I’m not too concerned.  It just makes work for me…and I don’t have the tools to clean it up.  I’ll have to borrow a chain saw and get it cut down and cleaned up before too long.  I have some other trees that I want to clean up anyway, so maybe this will be the nudge I need to get to work!

Please excuse the quality of the pictures.  I wasn’t going to hoof it down the cliff in our back yard to get to these trees to take a good picture, and the zoom on our camera is terrible.

It seems hard to believe that there was still enough of Ike left to do this kind of damage (and much worse) by the time it reached us.


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  1. goodness! It’s amazing the destruction Ike has left in his wake. And yet I’m in north Texas, and we didn’t get much rain, wind, or damage!

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