Kids Say the Darndest Things ~ Friday

Ethan has a board book full of animals, and he loves to have me point at them and let him tell me what they are.  He goes through the whole book and knows all the animals…”Elphent, Hehppo, Giraffe, Rhino, Seebra,…”

Anyway, last week he started joking with me on the last animal, which is a sheep.  He looked at it, then looked at me with this mischievous grin and said, “Chicken!”  He laughs, I tickle him, and say, “WHAT?  A chicken?  A chicken?  NO!  What is that???”  He says it’s a chicken again, and we laugh, tickle, repeat.  It’s really quite funny.  He does it every night now.

Last night on the way home from Nana’s house, Emma was talking about her class at school.  I chimed in and said, “Do you have a boyfriend?”  I was expecting her to get all embarrassed and say, “NO!”

Emma:  Yes.

Daddy:  Really?  What’s his name?

Emma:  Mason.  [getting bashful]  He’s so funny, Daddy.

Daddy:  Oh, he is?

Emma:  Ryan was my boyfriend, but then I kissed him, and he told on me.  Ms. Ingle said that there is no kissing allowed at school.

Daddy:  I see.

Emma:  Yeah.  I can only hug.

Wow.  Be careful what you ask.  They just might answer you!

Later that night, she brought it up again.

Emma:  Tomorrow, I’m going to tell Mason he’s my boyfriend.  He will really freak out!


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  1. Oh, if only it were that simple now!

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