Saturday night our church provided childcare for couples who wanted to go to Lexington and see Fireproof.  Our pastor said that it was a powerful movie about marriage, and that it would change the way we live our lives.
I freely admit that I was skeptical.  Other than Kirk Cameron, there were no stars that I’ve ever heard of, and I didn’t really feel like our marriage needed a change.  But hey, we had free childcare from people we trust…and who can pass up an opportunity to sit for two hours and eat movie popcorn.  I mean, no matter how bad the movie is, that popcorn makes up for it, right?  And what kind of a husband would I be if I wouldn’t take my wife to see a movie about marriage?

So we dropped off the kids and made our way to Lexington and into the theater.  As the movie started, I questioned the quality of the acting, and figured I better get comfortable.  It was going to be a long show.
I soon forgot about the acting and realized that the film was about much more than that.  Although the couple in the movie has a marriage that is really in trouble, we learned that even the best of marriages can benefit from the 40-day program called “The Love Dare.”  This morning, our church provided copies of The Love Dare book to all couples who were interested, and they started a fantastic new series called “Fireproof Your Marriage,” which will be the sermon topic over the next several weeks.
I encourage every couple to see this movie, whether your marriage is in trouble or not.  Yes, at times the acting is a little cheesy…and even seems like an after school special, but it really is powerful, nonetheless.  It really will change how you and your spouse relate to each other.  The movie has been out for a while (it opened September 26th), so it may not be showing in your area anymore.  Do yourself a favor, and try to find it.  If you can’t, be sure to rent it when it comes out on DVD.


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  1. I have heard about this movie from other bloggers before, and it is nice to hear a guy’s perspective on it. It sounds like a good thing for all married people to go see.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday, too. I know it is at times hard to be the dissenting opinion. 🙂

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