Kids Say the Darndest Things ~ Friday

My mother-in-law picks up the kids from school, and she has this thing about being early.  She tries to be one of the first in the pick-up line for Emma, and has ALWAYS been the first to pick up Ethan from his classroom.

Well, Wednesday, God forbid, she was the second person to arrive at Ethan’s classroom door.  The teacher told her that when the other parent arrived, Ethan looked at the parent, put his hands over his eyes, and said, “Nana’s not coming.”

And then he burst into tears.

When she arrived, he was laying face-down on the floor wimpering.  The whole class went running over to him, patting him on the back and saying, “Ethan, your Nana’s here!”


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  1. He is so sweet. I wish I could have a big E hug right now.

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