Winter Storm 2009

Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures to post later, but we’ve had quite a week!

We got about 4 inches of snow early in the week (which is a lot for us), and then we got a lot of ice Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our power went out Wednesday and still isn’t on.  We’ve been staying with the in-laws since Wednesday afternoon.  We lost water at work, so they sent everyone home after lunch on Wednesday.  We’re back to work today, but a lot of people are still without power at home.

We’ve been going to the house twice a day to check on things and make sure it’s not so cold that the pipes are going to freeze.  Last night at 9:00pm it was 44 degrees in our kitchen.  This morning at 6:45am it was 40 degrees.  It’s not supposed to get above freezing outside until sometime tomorrow (high of 38 degrees), so we’re really hoping the house stays above freezing.  We’ve got all the faucets dripping to keep the water moving through the pipes.

Sunday there’s supposed to be a high of 48 degrees…  Then more snow (“significant snow”…whatever that means) Monday and Tuesday.

They’re saying a lot of people will be getting their power back today.  I don’t think our neighborhood would be a priority since we live out in the country and only one side of the lake is without power, but I’m still hoping!

The snow and ice are beautiful, though.  I’ll get pictures posted soon.


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