Winter Storm 2009 ~ The Happy

Here’s the happy part of the storm.  It’s beautiful here on the golf course where my in-laws live.  They have had power the entire time, and they haven’t had much tree damage in their neighborhood.


Meanwhile, we still don’t have power at our house.  My mother-in-law read in the paper last night that the Sadieville station is expected to be back up and running by Thursday evening.  That’s near us.  I’m not completely sure that that IS us, but THURSDAY EVENING?!?


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  1. I love those “lonely” tree pictures….all by themselves. It’s sure pretty but I hate cold, snow, ice….it could or should be 65-70* all year.

  2. What a gorgeous picture…………I love winter photos but you can keep the reality up North……….I will take Florida weather, most of the time.

    Love, Grandma/GG

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