No pictures today, because we’re busy getting back into the swing of things.  Just wanted give an update on our situation.  Power returned to our side of the lake sometime Saturday evening.  We called from a friend’s house and heard our answering machine and almost cried!  The house had gotten to 36 degrees before the power came back on and heated it back up.

We lost one fish and had to throw away a lot of food that was in the refridgerator, but we’re back home.  I spent most of the afternoon yesterday cleaning out the refridgerator…and I do mean cleaning.  I took the inside of the fridge and freezer apart and washed every shelf and drawer and cleaned the inside walls.  Ash went back to her parents’ house and got the food we had taken over there and went to the grocery store and got some essentials.

I should be posting pictures of the inside of the fridge, since I’m so proud of it…


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  1. Is that what it will take for me to clean mine? I hope not…sorry about your food loss…that is no fun and your poor fishy…hope things are looking “warmer” for you.

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