TMT: Some Kids Have a Teddy Bear…

Tell Me Thursday for: Some Kids Have a Teddy Bear…

Yesterday for Wordless Wednesday, I posted a picture of Ethan and his calculator.  The nice folks over at Tell Me Thursday asked me to elaborate on that story, since it was a “wordless” post.

My parents got Ethan the calculator for Christmas because we had been telling them how much he liked “nubbers.”  Just recently, he started searching for it at bedtime and taking it to bed with him.  I guess “some kids have a teddy bear,” and some kids have a…calculator?  It has a screen that flips up, so I tried to flip it up while he was in bed so he could see it better.  His response?  “No touch, Daddy!  My nubbers!” and he flipped it back down.



Posted on March 12, 2009, in Ethan and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Awwwww… it’s all about the nubbers. Kids can be so cute! Thanks for sharing your story. We hope to see you again next week!

  2. So you either have a future mathematician on your hands or an accountant. LOL. Great story.

  3. He’s adorable and this is a great story! Too bad they grow out of those cute words, huh?

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