‘Tis Better to Give… ~ Best Shot Monday

This is Emma as Ethan was opening his birthday present from her on Saturday.  She was SO EXCITED!  And so was he.  He loved the cars he got from his ‘sissy.’


Check out Tracey for more Best Shots.


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  1. You definitely captured the joy, and the surprise. Awesome.

  2. cute, she looks so excited!

  3. She looks so excited. I like this shot because it make you wish you knew what she was looking at so excitedly.

  4. What a wonderful moment of excitement for her! It’s so much fun seeing how happy others are with gifts. Cute picture. 🙂

  5. That’s a good one! It’s joyful to our children so eager to be good to one another.

  6. That’s so sweet! I hope my oldest starts appreciating his little sister soon!

  7. oh that is great! i love it when the girls can’t wait to give each other a present.

  8. Such excitement! What a darling capture. Those are the moments we live for!

  9. She is absolutely adorable in her excitement. Great moment.

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