Kids Say the Darndest Things ~ Friday

Emma’s had some real gems lately…

During our Disney World vacation, we spent an evening at one of the pools at the resort.  There was a little girl named Ashland (around eight or nine years old) who was hanging out with Emma.  I overheard a portion of their conversation:

Ashland:  “We’re staying here for two months.”

Emma:  “My parents don’t have very much money.”

Keep in mind…we stayed for eight days, a pretty good vacation, if you ask me!

Early in the week, Emma heard us telling someone that the last time we were in Disney World was our honeymoon,  eleven years ago.  On Friday or Saturday, we were on the bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and a nice lady struck up a conversation with Emma.

Lady:  “Is this your first time in Disney World?”

Emma:  “Yes.  We usually come every eleven years, or so.”

Earlier this week, Emma and I were driving home and she said something that made me laugh.

Me:  “You’re cute.”

Emma:  “You’re cuter.”

Me:  “Well, thanks, honey.”

Emma:  “Yeah, I may be funnier, but you’re cuter.”


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