Feeling Nostalgic

I’m feeling nostalgic this week, because Thursday, July 7 is the Forever Plaid 20th Anniversary Special.  I’m hoping to attend, but the other Lexington “Plaids” won’t be able to make it (although Don may be attending…he moved away, and we’ve lost track of him).

I was digging through some old photos, and found this one that my parents took one of the many times they came to Lexington to see the show.

ForeverPlaid(The Plaids, from L to R:  Steve Meadows – “Frankie”, Matthew Barbour – “Sparky”, Don Kelley – “Smudge”, Mikey Myers – “Jinx”, and the band, Will Shafer – Bass Player, Terry Ensor – Piano Player)

It has been 11 years since we were last on the stage together for this show.  Boy, time sure flies.  Maybe I’ll get out that plaid jacket and grease my hair back before I head to the theater to watch…


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  1. Please make sure you take a pic if you dress up. Since I wasn’t around to see it before.

  2. What a fantastic show you guys put on. Of course I was partial to “Sparky”. Not sure how many times I have seen it………I am hoping to attend the show in Grand Rapids and hope you do put on your plaid jacket and attend in KY……..will be thinking of you……GG

  3. Bidah/Lissa/Mom

    That picture does bring back a lot of memories … so much fun!!! I know you had fun doing it, and we sure had fun seeing it (loved it every single time we saw it!). I was hoping you still had your jacket, Sparky….

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