Camp IN

A friend recently camped out with his kids, and it inspired me to do the same.  Since the only flat spot we have in our yard is in the front, and since I was afraid Ethan would go exploring once he was sure I was asleep, we opted to camp inside this first time.


I set the tent up Friday night while Ash got the kids ready for bed.  Then instead of putting them in bed, she brought them down to sleep in the tent with Daddy.  They were very surprised, and Ethan was very excited.  Emma wanted Mommy to join us, but eventually warmed up to the idea. 


Now that we’ve done it once, they both want to do it every night. Daddy, however, realized that he’s getting very, very old. I’ve been paying for sleeping on that hard floor all weekend!


Posted on August 23, 2009, in Emma, Ethan, Family Fun. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Thats a great idea! Oh, I hear ya on the old part. You’re a better parent that I…there’s no way I’d sleep on the floor all night. I don’t think I’d be able to move in the morning!

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