Pink Arrow Pride

While visiting my Aunt Lori and Uncle Bill on Sunday, we learned about Pink Arrow Pride.  Lowell High School in Lowell, Michigan, has one football game each year where they are the “Lowell Pink Arrows” instead of the “Lowell Red Arrows.”  The players each wear a pink jersey in the game.  They auction off the jerseys, the winning bidder’s name is put on the back of their jersey, and they get to keep the jersey after the game.  They also sell T-shirts for the crowd to wear.  All the proceeds go to the fight against cancer.

I thought it was an incredible idea.  What spirit this school has!

Pink Arrow Pride

My Aunt Lori got a jersey in memory of my Uncle Bill’s father (Walt Ingraham) and her father, my grandfather, “Papa.”  We will be thinking about them tonight.

Good luck to Ryan Olep, #6, who will be wearing the Ingraham jersey.  And…GO PINK ARROWS!


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  1. I went to Lowell Middle School, and had just started Lowell High when we moved to Leslie in 9th grade! They did have crazy school spirit! I hadn’t heard about this though…that is so cool!

  2. Soooo Awesome. I am especially touched by this.

  3. As Ryan Olep’s grandfather, I wanted to thank you for allowing him to play that night for your Papa. Ryan said, “I felt like I had someone with me on the field that night, besides my teammates, and I worked harder for Mr Ingraham”. This teaches the kids so much, and I thank you for giving that learning experience to my grandson.

  4. The town of Lowell, MI continues to amaze me … I’ve never seen a community ‘step up’ the way they do. I think we all had chills at our Labor Day picnic when Lori (my sister) described the events leading up to the Pink Arrow game. I appreciate so much that Ryan Olep (and all the other players) wore the jersey with pride. Congratulations Lowell, MI … may you continue to inspire and enlighten us.

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