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Kite Frustration

Why is it that the wind completely dies when you get the kites out?

Kite Frustration

Don’t let the kid’s hair fool you. There. Was. No. Wind.

Spring Break in Branson

We decided to spend Spring Break this year in Branson, Missouri.

We did a lot of relaxing at our condo, but also hiked, took in the Titanic museum, miniature golfed, went to a show, took a winery tour and tasting, went to many, many restaurants, etc.

We had a great time on our hike.

Hiking in Branson

We even spotted a few lizards.

Looking for Lizards

The only show we saw was SIX.  We enjoyed it.  They are very talented, but they need a better director.  The pacing was terrible.  As Ashley says, you could drive an 18-wheeler through the pauses.


We also went to the Dewey Short Visitor Center and enjoyed the beautiful Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake


Emma & Ethan

We all had a great time!



But the highlight of the trip was definitely the miniature golf.  We went twice, but all enjoyed Pirate’s Cove the best.

Pirate's Cove

Washington, D.C. in 36 Hours: Day 2

On the morning we came back from D.C., we went to the White House.  We could tell President Obama was home because the Marine was standing outside the Oval Office.  The Logsdons also got stuck in traffic waiting for his motorcade to go by later in the day.

The White House

I thought it was funny that the press were all huddled together in one spot, when on TV you see someone reporting live from the White House lawn and it always looks like they’re the only one there.

The White House Press Corps

Washington, D.C. in 36 Hours: Day 1

On Saturday, we went to see the absolutely fantastic How to Train Your Dragon with friends and kids.  The Wests were leaving for Washington, D.C. the next day for a concert and some sightseeing with their kids.  They had found out just before the movie started that the kids might not be able to go because the person who was supposed to watch them while Audrey and Nathan went to the concert was ill.  We had only a few hours to decide, but it didn’t take long.  We agreed (twist our arms…go ahead) to go, and so did the Logsdons.  So we got all packed up, and the twelve of us loaded up two minivans and set out for our nation’s capital on Sunday morning.

Day one (Monday) was rainy, but we made the most of it.  We took the Metro Rail to the Smithsonian, but decided to walk the National Mall in the morning instead because it wasn’t raining too hard.  As it turns out, it was the right decision because it was windy and cold on Tuesday.

We started with the Capitol in view.

The Capitol

We proceeded to the Washington Monument…

Avery, Emma, Moira, & Ethan

..and headed toward the Reflecting Pool.

Walking to the Lincoln Memorial

The rain made for some neat shots.  As we approached the Lincoln Memorial, a band was playing The National Anthem.

The Mall

I was amazed by the size of the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

And the view from the Lincoln Memorial back across the Mall was awesome.

Washington Monument

Wordless Wednesday ~ Riding the Carousel


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On the Playground

We tried to go to one of the local orchards today, but we didn’t get there until after they’d closed.  So, we went to one of the elementary schools and played on the playground.

Ethan did his impression of the Six Million Dollar Boy.

6 Million Dollar Boy

Emma’s hair got a lot of static electricity from the slides.




We all had a great time.



Company Picnic

American Greetings had their annual family picnic on Saturday.  The kids were very excited to go to Daddy’s work.  Since I have such a long commute, they were pretty road-weary by the time we got there.  Emma said, “I’m so glad we’re finally at work!”  I don’t think people hear that very often!

The kids had a great time on all the inflated stuff.


Emma Sliding

Ethan Sliding

And, of course, Emma had to get her picture taken as a Care Bear.

Emma Care Bear

It was a beautiful day!  Thank you American Greetings!

Camp IN

A friend recently camped out with his kids, and it inspired me to do the same.  Since the only flat spot we have in our yard is in the front, and since I was afraid Ethan would go exploring once he was sure I was asleep, we opted to camp inside this first time.


I set the tent up Friday night while Ash got the kids ready for bed.  Then instead of putting them in bed, she brought them down to sleep in the tent with Daddy.  They were very surprised, and Ethan was very excited.  Emma wanted Mommy to join us, but eventually warmed up to the idea. 


Now that we’ve done it once, they both want to do it every night. Daddy, however, realized that he’s getting very, very old. I’ve been paying for sleeping on that hard floor all weekend!

Off to Michigan

My parents came down this weekend and took the kids back with them for a week in Michigan.  Ash is at a conference in Chicago, so I’m a bachelor for a few days!


Mom and Dad love to take walks in our neighborhood while they’re here.

Disney Characters ~ Wordless Wednesday





















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