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Washington, D.C. in 36 Hours: Day 1

On Saturday, we went to see the absolutely fantastic How to Train Your Dragon with friends and kids.  The Wests were leaving for Washington, D.C. the next day for a concert and some sightseeing with their kids.  They had found out just before the movie started that the kids might not be able to go because the person who was supposed to watch them while Audrey and Nathan went to the concert was ill.  We had only a few hours to decide, but it didn’t take long.  We agreed (twist our arms…go ahead) to go, and so did the Logsdons.  So we got all packed up, and the twelve of us loaded up two minivans and set out for our nation’s capital on Sunday morning.

Day one (Monday) was rainy, but we made the most of it.  We took the Metro Rail to the Smithsonian, but decided to walk the National Mall in the morning instead because it wasn’t raining too hard.  As it turns out, it was the right decision because it was windy and cold on Tuesday.

We started with the Capitol in view.

The Capitol

We proceeded to the Washington Monument…

Avery, Emma, Moira, & Ethan

..and headed toward the Reflecting Pool.

Walking to the Lincoln Memorial

The rain made for some neat shots.  As we approached the Lincoln Memorial, a band was playing The National Anthem.

The Mall

I was amazed by the size of the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

And the view from the Lincoln Memorial back across the Mall was awesome.

Washington Monument

The Art Fair

We spent the morning at the Woodland Arts Fair in Lexington with some great friends.  I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the kids.








Just Skating By

Emma’s friend Avery had a birthday party at the local ice rink on Saturday.  Mommy was out of town, so we took Ethan to my in-laws’ house, and headed to the rink for a great time.

I have to thank my good friend Tresine for these pictures, since I didn’t take my camera on the ice (I wouldn’t want to fall down and smash my new camera!).

Here I am showing my skills (this shot was taken from pretty far away, and the lighting wasn’t great in the rink, so it’s a little grainy).


The adults found it easier on the arms to have two adults per child, whenever possible.  Here, Nathan (the birthday girl’s daddy) and I take Emma for a spin around the ice.


Daddy and daughter both had a great time.  I’m still sore from all the skating, and Emma wants to know if we can go again today after school/work.


Isabelle at the Park ~ Best Shot Monday

This is a shot I took of Isabelle, one of Emma’s friends, at the park on Saturday, and I was really happy with how it turned out.


Check out Tracey for more Best Shots.

A Day at the Park

It reached 70 degrees here today.  Ash had an appointment in Lexington, so we dropped her off, and the kids and I met some friends at a playground for some fun.

Here are Emma, Isabelle, and Avery trying out the slide:


Afterward, we headed to Isabelle’s house and the dads hung out with the kids while the other moms met up with Ash and had a much needed girls’ lunch.

It was such a good day, it almost makes up for losing an hour of sleep tonight.  Almost.

Fancy Nancy

Whew!  What a crazy couple of weeks.  We had school starting for both kids, the Fancy Nancy party, a trip to Michigan for Labor Day, etc.

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about what a Fancy Nancy party is…  Well, we didn’t get very many good pictures (we are terrible about taking in the moment and leaving the camera sitting on a table somewhere), but I’ll try to explain.

Fancy Nancy is a character in a children’s book.  She dresses in over-the-top fancy dress-up clothes and speaks in French, and uses big words like “gorgeous” and explains, “That’s a fancy word for pretty.”

Anyway, my mother-in-law really enjoys sharing the books with Emma, and decided to host a Fancy Nancy party at her house and invite several of Emma’s friends.  The invitations instructed them to wear their fancy clothes to the “soiree.”

The girls had a lot of fun trading dress-up clothes and doing a fashion show for the adults.

After they played, it was time for the fancy meal.  My mother-in-law made some really fancy-looking food.  They had little chicken salad sandwiches, little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cream cheese and strawberries on squares of nutty bread, chicken salad tarts, cupcakes, meatballs, chips, etc.  She also had pink lemonade in a punch bowl with ice cubes that each had a raspberry frozen in the center of them.  The lemonade was served in Eiffel Tower sippers.  The adults enjoyed the food, too!

Then each of the kids was given a picture of the group and a picture frame to decorate.  They also each got a magic wand to decorate.

A fun time was had by all!


I took the day off Friday to go to the Cincinnati Zoo with Emma and Ethan’s playgroup.  All the other dads are teachers, so all the kids had both parents at the zoo with them.

Australian Walking Stick

Australian Walking Stick

The highlight of the trip was, surprisingly, the insect house.  There was a zookeeper inside, who had an Australian walking stick on a piece of driftwood.  She was letting the kids “pet” it.  Emma wanted nothing to do with it.  In fact, she was quickly over the bugs and wanted to go outside.  She and I went, but Ethan loves bugs, so Ash stayed inside with him.

When he got to the Australian walking stick, the zookeeper said, “Would you like to touch it?”

Ethan said, “BUG!” and grabbed it, turned around, and started to walk away.

The zookeeper panicked.  “No, no, honey…you’re scaring it!”

Between the zookeeper and Ash, they got it away from him unharmed and back on the driftwood.  I guess he’s a little young to pet fragile animals.

Birthday Pictures

Okay, I have to post a couple of pictures from the party at Lexington Gymnastics & Cheerleading Friday night.

This is Ethan in their foam pit, where he immediately jumped and remained all night long.  Screaming when we took him in for cake and ice cream.  We were wondering if he got the flu from the pit…but I think the incubation period is longer than that.

Ethan in the Foam Pit

And here’s Emma opening her presents, with all the girls gathered around:

Emma & Her Friends

Ah, what ignorance we had then. Little did we know what was in store for us.

Birthday Weekend is Here!

Emma’s birthday was October 6th, but today begins the birthday weekend EXTRAVAGANZA.

I’m taking the afternoon off.  My parents will arrive this afternoon, and tonight we have her party with her school and playgroup friends (24 little girls in all; plus a few siblings) at LGC.

Tomorrow morning we’ll have Breakfast with the Works at Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington.  My “snowbird” Grandparents will stop in with my Uncle Jim on their way to Florida sometime in the early afternoon.  And Emma’s family party will be in the evening with Bidah & Papa, Nana & Granddaddy, and her Uncle Scott & Aunt Crystal.  Hopefully we get naps for E2 in there sometime!

I’m going to try to be a good parent and take the camera everywhere we go and get some good pictures.  For those of you who haven’t been to Keeneland, it is a beautiful place.  It’s a very different atmosphere from the Jackson Harness Raceway, where I haven’t been in years.

I can’t believe she’s 4 already.

King’s Island & Myrtle Beach

I just finally uploaded the pictures from our King’s Island trip to our Flickr account.  I can’t do it justice with a blog entry.  It was an amazing experience.  I finally understand why my parents were so excited to take us to amusement parks…there’s nothing like watching your kid have that much fun!

King’s Island 2007

We went with some friends who have a daughter Emma’s age, and the girls had a blast.  Emma even got to ride the “Fairly Odd Roller Coaster” which, for you King’s Islanders, used to be the “Beastie.”  She sat there next to me claiming to be scared the entire time, then got off and wanted to get right back on and ride it again.  We stayed for over 8 hours, with no naps.  Both girls were angels.

I’ve also posted the first few pictures from our trip to Myrtle Beach…since we’re still here!  We’re all having a great time at the beach, pool, and many attractions.

House of Blues

This is a shot of Emma and her Granddaddy on stage at the House of Blues during their Sunday Gospel Brunch.