This Kid LOVES Bread

Ethan really picks at his food.  It’s impossible to get him to eat a real meal.  But he really loves bread.

Ethan said he was done with dinner tonight, and after a few more bites of his pasta, we said he could leave the table.  Once we were all finished and sitting in the living room, we noticed Ethan had disappeared.  We went back into the kitchen, and this is what we found.

Bread Man

The kid had gone and gotten several pieces of bread off the counter, stacked it on his plate, and was stuffing his face!

Decorating the Tree

Last night, the kids decorated Mom and Dad’s tree.

The tree now has ornaments, but only on the bottom third!

Happy 6th Birthday, Emma!

I can’t believe it has been six years!

Baby Emma

Blowing Out the Candles

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! We love you!

Festival of the Horse Parade

Friday night was our town’s annual “Festival of the Horse” parade.  Emma and Ethan’s school had several floats in the parade, and they were supposed to be dressed up as princesses and knights in shining armor.  Ethan wore his “Peter Pan” outfit because it was the only costume we had for him, but Emma (of course) had a princess gown.


Princess Emma

And Aunt Paulie, Uncle Ben, and Cousin Mason arrived just in time for Paulie and Mason to jump onto the float as the parade was starting.

Mason and Paulie



Pee Wee Sports ~ Week #3

Last week got rained out, so this was week #3.  This week’s focus?  T-Ball.

Getting Warmed Up

Batter up…

Batter Up

It’s a hit!

It's a Hit!


Rounding third!

Running the Bases

Talking with his fan…

A Real Ladies Man


On the Playground

We tried to go to one of the local orchards today, but we didn’t get there until after they’d closed.  So, we went to one of the elementary schools and played on the playground.

Ethan did his impression of the Six Million Dollar Boy.

6 Million Dollar Boy

Emma’s hair got a lot of static electricity from the slides.




We all had a great time.



Pee Wee Sports ~ Week #2

Today was Ethan’s second session of Pee Wee Sports with the local YMCA, and they learned kick ball.




Running the Bases



Company Picnic

American Greetings had their annual family picnic on Saturday.  The kids were very excited to go to Daddy’s work.  Since I have such a long commute, they were pretty road-weary by the time we got there.  Emma said, “I’m so glad we’re finally at work!”  I don’t think people hear that very often!

The kids had a great time on all the inflated stuff.


Emma Sliding

Ethan Sliding

And, of course, Emma had to get her picture taken as a Care Bear.

Emma Care Bear

It was a beautiful day!  Thank you American Greetings!

Pee Wee Sports ~ Week #1

We enrolled Ethan in the local YMCA’s Pee Wee Sports program this fall.  Today was the first time they met.

They practiced catching the ball…

Catching the Ball

…throwing it back…

Throwing the Ball

…pulling the flags…

Getting the Flag

…and getting a touchdown.


Ethan had a great time!


When he came off the field, he said, “I wanna do it again!” We’re looking forward to next week.

Pink Arrow Pride

While visiting my Aunt Lori and Uncle Bill on Sunday, we learned about Pink Arrow Pride.  Lowell High School in Lowell, Michigan, has one football game each year where they are the “Lowell Pink Arrows” instead of the “Lowell Red Arrows.”  The players each wear a pink jersey in the game.  They auction off the jerseys, the winning bidder’s name is put on the back of their jersey, and they get to keep the jersey after the game.  They also sell T-shirts for the crowd to wear.  All the proceeds go to the fight against cancer.

I thought it was an incredible idea.  What spirit this school has!

Pink Arrow Pride

My Aunt Lori got a jersey in memory of my Uncle Bill’s father (Walt Ingraham) and her father, my grandfather, “Papa.”  We will be thinking about them tonight.

Good luck to Ryan Olep, #6, who will be wearing the Ingraham jersey.  And…GO PINK ARROWS!